Company Profile and Management Team

The Company

Pupuk Alam Sdn Bhd (PASB) was incorporated in December 2002 with the sole distributing rights of organic fertilizers and growth enhancers from Australia.  PASB core businesses are the vegetable growers and fruit orchards.  Together with this fruit fly protein bait, PASB hopes to bring about a greater knowledge and understanding of the environmental issues to the fruit growers and farmers.

PASB will focus on producing an effective, affordable and environmental friendly product that will control fruit fly and subsequent reduction in fruit damages.  Thus, increasing the growers’ fruit production over time.

Key Management

James Soo Kim Seong (Chief Executive Officer)

In 2002, through James, Pupuk Alam Sdn Bhd was appointed the exclusive distributor for South East Asia for a range of organic products from Omnia Australia Pty Ltd. an Australia based company.  In a short period of time, James has established a network amongst the vegetable farmers and fruit growers around the country.

James obtained his Accountancy qualifications and practical experience in London United Kingdom.  Upon his return from UK, he embarked on his banking career in Malaysia.  Later in his Malaysian career, James moved to New Zealand to broaden his international banking career with ANZ Bank.  While in NZ, James completed the NZ Banking Associate examination and an MBA from Massey University New Zealand

Prior to forming the company, James held a senior position with Citibank (HK) as their Regional Credit Risk Head for the Citibusiness. In his 20+ years in the banking industry, James has acquired an intimate knowledge of financing, trade financing, risk management and supply chain businesses as well as all different types of businesses in the region.

Dr Chee Kheng Hoy (Technical Consultant)

Dr K H Chee graduated in Botany (B Sc), Microbiology (M. Sc) and Plant Pathology (Ph.D), and was awarded D.Sc by his alma mater Auckland University, New Zealand as well as a Fellow of the Incorporated Society of planters, Malaysia. He was the head of Pathology Department of the Rubber Research Institute Malaysia; chief of R&D in IOI Plantation, Malaysia; Lyman Plantation, Indonesia; Government bilateral cooperative projects in Trinidad and in Brazil.

Due to his deep involvement with small farmers, he has been elected the Deputy Chairman of Agriculture and Primary Industries Committee and a member of Science, Technology and Innovations Committee of The Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia.  He is well sought after for advice on agricultural matters locally and overseas. He is currently on an assignment with FAO United Nations, just completed a 7-week tour in Brazil looking into disease problem of fruits.  His columns in newspapers Nanyang Siang Pau and agriculture magazine Agro world are popular among farmers and agro-chemical company’s executives.

Shaharuddin Shariff (Marketing and Training Manager)

Shah graduated as a Biochemist from University College Cardiff, UK in 1982.  Upon his return to Malaysia, he started his career with the Dept of Agriculture (DOA), Pesticide Division as a Toxicological officer evaluating pesticide data.

After two years with the DOA, Shah decided to join FE Zuellig, a Swiss trading company (now called ZAGRO) as the Marketing and Product Development Executive.  This role involved registration of agrochemicals, sourcing and marketing of new products and field trials. In his later years with Zuellig, Shah was in charge of the cover crops and Public Health businesses.

In 1993, Shah decided to join ICI Agrochemicals (now called Syngenta through local MBO and a series of merger) as the Registration and Stewardship Manager.  In this role, Shah was in charge of the company registration of some 20 agrochemical products.  The stewardship role was mainly in the PQ defense and legislative issues.  He had to deal with the notorious paraquat and its misuses. Most of his time was spend on programs aiming at educating and training user farmers, plantation workers, dealers etc. on the safe use of agrochemicals in general.

Technical Advisor

Dr S Vijaysegaran

Dr S. Vijaysegaran is currently the Deputy Director, International Centre for Management of Pest Fruit Flies based at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

Dr Vijay has spent more than 20 years studying fruit fly feeding behaviour patterns mostly in the ASEAN countries, and has identified fruit fly attractants in feeding habits.  He has been involved in the development of various fruit fly control measures, such as protein baits.  Last but not least, he has been a project leader on many significant research studies on the subject of fruit fly control.

En Mokhtar Idrus

En Mokhtar Idrus has been with the Department of Agriculture for more than 20 years.  His expertise is in the area of Pest Control and Management.  Currently, En Mokhtar represents the DOA in this collaboration project with ICMPFF/Griffith University.

It is expected that En Mokhtar will be appointed to be the Technical Coordinator of ICMPFF for the Asean Region.  His main roles are to conduct continuous trial experiments to ensure that the protein bait pesticide effectiveness is uncompromised.  In this role, he will be educating the fruit growers with regard to the use of this protein bait pesticide.


International Centre for Management of Pest Fruit Flies (ICMPFF) and Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.

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